Night light and white noise

listen, meditate and relax before sleeping.

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Enter in a few clicks in a calm and restful universe for a restful sleep.

With the application, you can choose your type of light, the candle flame for a warm atmosphere or the torch to illuminate your ceiling.

Choose a sound to accompany it, from the panel of relaxing sounds carefully chosen by our team.

Made in France

Our team is based in Marseille, France, but thinks worldwide.


Our apps are translated in 86+ languages, so it is pretty sure you can have it in your mother tongue.


All our apps are available on both Android and iOS platforms, for smartphones and tablets.

Best Features

Nature soothes you?

Fall asleep to the sound of lapping rain or the crackling of wood in the fireplace.

Do you often fall asleep in transport?

We have moving car, plane or train sounds to relax you.

Want to fall back into childhood for the night?

With our white noises or our lullabies, nothing is simpler.

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Suitable for babies

A fast and peaceful sleep, lulled by a light light and the best sounds to calm them, such as white noises, intrauterine sounds (sound coming from the uterus), heartbeats and many others.

Programmable timer

Program the timer so that the night light turns off according to your wishes and to put your phone on your bedside table to fall asleep to the soothing sound you have chosen.

Your night pet

You will be accompanied by our little white sheep, who will guide you to the arms of Morpheus.


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front-end developer

Making apps is a real passion, and seeing real people using and liking them motivates me to go always further.

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More than 10 years of computer experience to be enjoyed without moderation

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